WINNER of Communicator Award of Distinction 2006

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Today, many people over 35 are either caregivers or know someone who is. Long term care giving, although rewarding, can take its toll in the form of increased medical risk (depression, heart attack, stroke) for those caring for their loved ones. Since the expansiveness of the “caregiver” environment is relatively new in our society, most caregivers are doing research to help ailing family members, and in many cases reinventing the wheel. Often they don’t have the time to read through volumes of information, sort through the necessary paperwork and forms, and do the hands-on work of caring for their loved ones.

A longtime caregiver for her mother, Melodee began devising systems and strategies designed to maintain her mother’s quality of life and ease the constraints of caregiving while working full time. She created Caregiver's Forum to share useful tips with caregivers in a way that is easy to access during their busy day.